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Light show presented for graduates of HUST!

Jun 28, 2023

 Walking in the light

Heading towards the future together

Every graduate is embraced by a special and splendid celebration


On June 17th at 8:00 p.m., a spectacular light show to celebrate graduation season occurred at the square in front of the Southern No.1 building. It was a romantic evening reserved solely for the graduates. The immersive light show conveyed best wishes to the graduating class of 2023.

Chapter 1: Youth Memory


In this chapter, stunning display of light and shadow showcased the remarkable history of HUST over the past 70 years. The university song’s music video presented at the opening session highlighted the youth of HUSTers and the shared memory of the graduating class of 2023.


Our Youth poetry recitation tells moving stories in the school.

Main Part

Through the use of light and shadow displays and beam lamps, a grand poem was created in the main part. Machinery allowed for the artful interactions of beams. As campus landmarks and elements flashing one by one, the static building was brought to life.


Chapter 2: Striving Youth


Taking responsibility is what makes young people shine. This chapter highlighted exceptional stories of young HUSTers. Their high level of self-reliance in science and technology, bravery in fighting the pandemic on the front lines and other accomplishments all represent the brilliance of their youth.


Chapter 3: Youth of Achievements


This chapter presented the graduation pledge, the graduation name wall, and other graduation events, offering sincere wishes and gifting HUST graduates with the most beautiful present.




HUST used the close-up shots of smiling graduates and a wall with their names as a way of remembering each graduate.


The touching chorus of My Motherland and I marked a triumphant conclusion to this unique graduation ceremony.



This light show was streamed live by multiple media platforms, receiving nearly 5 million views.




Written by: Li Yi

Edited by: Yang Kunjie, Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng



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