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Transient beauty in HUST! Let's embrace the sea of flowers!

Mar 18, 2024

In early spring, magnolia flowers bloom in the beautiful forest university, HUST. Pink flowers blossom into a fabulous waterfall and stretch into a sweet sea, striving for attention as if they were in competition. The whole campus becomes a lush Arcadia brimming with life.

Magnolia flowers have another name—Wang Chun (herald of spring). As the name implies, they are one of the earliest flowers to bloom in early spring. Their prime usually lasts a week, or, in the words of gardeners, a whole year of cultivation for a 10-day florescence.” They blossom to the fullest heartily and vigorously and soon fade with no trace left.

While magnolia flowers are still flourishing, let’s indulge ourselves in their magnificent beauty!

Written by: Li Jiali

Edited by: Yang Kunjie, Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng


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