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The 6th Magnolia Poetry Festival opens

Apr 1, 2024

In the afternoon of March 14, the 6th Magnolia Poetry Festival was successfully held under the magnolia trees in front of the 9th East Building. It is a campus cultural event organized by the National Base for Cultural-Quality-Oriented Education of University Students, and has taken place for six sessions. The event has attracted students who have a passion for poetry and traditional culture, showing the cultural literacy and confidence of modern university students.


In March, bright minds gathered at the foot of Yujia Mountain. People came in crowds to admire the magnolia flowers blooming in front of the 9th East Building. Members of the Flute and Xiao Association put on a live performance, filling the air with beautiful music. Art enthusiasts and foreign students were captivated by the music and the scent of flowers, chatting and lingering in the cultural ambiance.


The festival had a poetic atmosphere, where lovers of poetry shared experiences, exchanged favorite verses, and enjoyed fun poetry games.



During the Hanfu fitting part, enthusiasts wore their preferred outfits and created unique memories under the magnolia trees. Members of the Yushan Association of Chinese Traditional Culture and some students engaged in an exciting competition, testing their knowledge of traditional Chinese culture on the grass mats. Winners not only enjoyed their victory, but also received fantastic prizes, which added to the lively and cheerful atmosphere at the event.



Pitch-pot is the most eye-catching activity in the festival. Derived from the ancient practice of archery, pitch-pot is challenging to do well, so hitting the target usually impresses the crowd.


After the excitement, a cup of soothing tea calms the mood. Popular throughout the history, tea culture bridges the East and the West. At the southwest corner of the venue, a small table has been arranged as a tea house for everyone to enjoy tea.


At the end of the event, students from the dancing team elegantly took the stage, providing us with a visual feast.



Written by: Li Yi

Edited by: Yang Kunjie, Chang Wen, Peng Yumeng

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